55 degrees for New Year’s

It’s a new year. But it doesn’t feel like it. This is probably the biggest difference about living on the coast. Even when I lived in Southern California, we had something of a winter.

Take last weekend for instance — Heather and I went to the beach. Sure, we wore some warm outerwear, but it sure wasn’t the snow-blown cold we experienced in Utah, or Washington, or New York. It was very pleasant.

The leaves on the trees are still green and it was about 55 degrees today. It just doesn’t seem like winter.

But we like it. And so do our dogs, apparently …

Out come the legs for the — Jump! Jump! Up to the top of the — Stump! Stump!

I’ve been a fan of Barenaked Ladies for a long time. Theirs were among the first 10 CDs I bought back in the ’90s when I bought my first stereo. I was listening to them before they had a website and they are one of three bands I have seen twice live in concert (the other two being Third Eye Blind and U2). Continue reading

People, people everywhere

I’m a Western kid.

No, I don’t mean that I listen to country. I dislike rodeos and I don’t own a cowboy hat. But I grew up in the West and I’m out-of-place in this East Coast world.

There are many things about the East Coast that are foreign to me (another blog post for another day), but one of the most obvious is population density.

Just to demonstrate, I’ve lived in four counties in three states in the last decade. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, this is the most densely populated county of the four.

Population density of counties I've lived in (Source: U.S. Census, 2000)

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Why I’m doing this

So I got this blog like 3 months ago.

I got into the whole blogging thing in an interesting way. I have an iPod, and one day, while I was staying at a hotel (with WiFi), I was surfing around (on my iBook) trying to find cool things to do with my iPod.

I came across podcasting. So now I’m subscribed to Adam Curry’s daily source code, the Dawn and Drew Show, Air America Morning Sedition and others.

In the process of learning about podcasting, of course I came across blogging. I just haven’t gotten into one. But here I am… I’ll see how it goes.