55 degrees for New Year’s

It’s a new year. But it doesn’t feel like it. This is probably the biggest difference about living on the coast. Even when I lived in Southern California, we had something of a winter.

Take last weekend for instance — Heather and I went to the beach. Sure, we wore some warm outerwear, but it sure wasn’t the snow-blown cold we experienced in Utah, or Washington, or New York. It was very pleasant.

The leaves on the trees are still green and it was about 55 degrees today. It just doesn’t seem like winter.

But we like it. And so do our dogs, apparently …

High tech hiking

Heather and I started a new hobby: geocaching. I’ve been interested in trying this for some time, but until now, the only GPS we’ve owned is in the car (which would get the job done, albeit clunky). But in July I got my first Android phone. After a bit of Googling, we decided that geocaching.com has the most extensive list of caches. I downloaded an app and with phone in hand, last weekend, we hit our first two geocaches (GCH103 and GC22ZE1), both very close to home. Since then we stopped by another before grocery shopping Thursday and we plan to find another tomorrow.

Finding the trail

At a fork in the trail on one of our first geocaching expeditions, I check the GPS to make sure we are headed the right way.

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