My favorite kind of reporting

I just went and took a couple photos of BLM personnel doing controlled burns in the area. It was kind of cool.

These are my favorite kind of stories… you go out and see something cool, talk to a couple people. If it develops to a full story, that’s great. But if it’s just a photo, that’s cool.

I also met up with an old friend, Dave Larsen. He’s a firefighter with the BLM now.

Fun in Tiger

So my Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) is up and running.

One word: Sweeeeet!

I’m still discovering things, and I haven’t looked under the hood very much. I’m still discovering the UI. But damn! This is a sweet OS.

I got my Tiger.

I have my Tiger, and I found this cool dashboard widget called DashBlog. Tiger is much faster. A little buggy, but you expect that on the initial release of an OS. We’ll see what happens with the first service patch.