Out come the legs for the — Jump! Jump! Up to the top of the — Stump! Stump!

I’ve been a fan of Barenaked Ladies for a long time. Theirs were among the first 10 CDs I bought back in the ’90s when I bought my first stereo. I was listening to them before they had a website and they are one of three bands I have seen twice live in concert (the other two being Third Eye Blind and U2).But I had no idea they had made a children’s album, until just recently. And I have grown quite fond of one song in particular. The band played it when we saw them at Indian Ranch in Webster, Mass., and it stuck. It’s just got a catchy tune and when I hear it I have to listen to it three or four more times just to satisfy myself. And so you too can enjoy it, here it is.

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