Message received. No #SOPA. No #PIPA.

This week, the American (and international) public stood up and won in the face of big-dollar lobbyists in Washington, D.C. Protests Wednesday against SOPA and PIPA worked … for now.

You've been heard. #PIPA has been pulled so we can find a better solution.

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s tweet announcing that PIPA is a no-go.

The Protect Intellectual Property Act was taken off the Senate floor and just minutes later, the House took the Stop Online Privacy Act off the calendar.

What does this week’s win mean moving forward? Obviously, it’s too early to tell.But let’s face it, big corporate interests don’t just give up. No doubt, they will be back in this fight again. However, we’ve already show lawmakers the kind of response we can put up. We’ll crash their websites with millions of hits and email. We’ll overload the phones with our calls.

I’m not counting on them to remember what we did (short-term memories seem to fail inside the Washington Beltway), but hopefully the response from their constituents won’t come as a complete surprise next time around.

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